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Energizing women of today’s generation in Perth

As a mother, nurturing and taking care of our children is our biggest responsibility. So, most of the time moms stay at home to look after the kids as well as managing the household chores. But, the life of a mother does not end there. We also need to energize and do different activities, especially when the kids are growing older and can manage things on their own. It would be boring to stay the whole day at home doing everything just to kill time.

Mom’s also needs some changes in their lifestyle as soon as they can see that their kids are grown-up. Lucky are those who are staying in Australia, especially if you are coming from Perth because there is a program for all ladies to be held in Midland. This event is set not only for moms, but for every woman, who is interested in bringing a difference in their lifestyle. This would be very helpful to every women who needs an expert advice, especially those who lacks guidance and a partner in raising their kids. In my opinion, this is an opportunity for ladies to uplift their status in life.

What’s happening in Midland?

On the 16th of May 2018, starting from 9:30 am to 2:30pm, there would be an event exclusively for ladies at the Midland Junction Arts Centre, 276 Great Eastern Hwy, Midland under the Women in Leadership Driving Change or WILD’C programs with the theme, “Re-energising Women to Re-enter the Workforce.”

This group had been running their program to different cities, such as Bunbury, Mandurah and Perth. Their main goal is for ladies, especially who are down to stand up and keep fighting because wasting time has no place for a lady, who has dreams of becoming successful someday. The group would like every lady to learn that in a battle, you should not surrender, especially if you can see and smell a chance of winning. Why would you back-out and stop in the middle of your journey? You need to keep walking and make sure to get to your destination no matter what happen.

Three Sessions of the Program

The first session talks about your personal wellbeing. This includes topics about how you are going to create your vision in life, how you are going to set goals and how will you change yourself so that you can go back to your work.

The second session talks about your personal skills. You will learn how to make a strong resume and you will be given tips about job interviews. They will also discuss things about personal branding as well as the first impressions of the interviewee. So, you will learn how to properly dress up during a job interview.

The last session talks about your personal development. You will learn how manage your financial obligations and budgeting. You will be given tips about career and how you can maintain to have a good reputation, especially everybody knows how social media works. Lastly, those ladies who would like to start a business will be given tips and marketing strategies.