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So I hired a car..

Being a mom (or mum as we say it here) is already busy enough without having to organise my own car for a service! But little did I know a routine car service would turn into a major service. This leads into a story that I have to share with my readers. It has taught me many lessons, the obvious ones of how to actually look after my car better. But another lesson learnt is how handy it is to utilise a car hire service as oppose to catching the taxi (or Uber for that matter) to commute. At a first glance, I really did think that hiring a car will work out to be more expensive than hiring an Uber or catching the taxi.

The obvious question that you may want to ask me straight-up is what the hell was wrong with my car? How could a simple routine oil change could turn into somewhat of a nightmare? To make a long story short, when I took my car the servicing they discovered that my car had a “massive power steering leak”.. those were the words of the mechanic. Being someone who really knew nothing about a car. To be honest, I think it’s lucky that I even obtained my license in the first place. The very first thing that came to my mind is how expensive the repair would be. Who wouldn’t, in their right mind, think about the cost of fixing it. Especially someone like me, a mom, someone who had had a lot of bills to pay. But at the same time, I knew that my car had to be fixed or otherwise I would have to hire a car forever. Hahaha!

Anyways, after forking out an undisclosed amount of money to the service centre.. I can only wait. Wait for my car to be fixed. After being told that it would take about two weeks (as they had to order the parts in), I thought to myself.. how will I get myself around. How would I get to the shops? How will I pick up the kids. Then a friend of mine told me about rental cars. At first I thought it would be expensive, but she told me that most car hire companies offer a significant discount for a long term hire. I asked her if two weeks would be considered “long term”? After searching on the internet and obviously reading their customer reviews, I decided to go with Aries Car Rental (Perth location).  See their website here. I absolutely recommend this car hire company if you looking for one locally. I’ve decided not to mention exactly how much the cost is, but let me tell you that it is worth it if you’re looking for convenience while you don’t have your own car available at your disposal.

The very reason why I went with them is the fact that they seemed flexible when it comes to pick up and drop off. Oh yeah, they also considered two weeks as kind of long-term! Actually, some of my friends would advice me against hiring a car whilst my car is getting fixed. I must admit that it does mean I am spending some extra money on top of getting my car fixed. But it purely the convenience that it brings. The ability to just go somewhere whenever I want. Rather than relying on someone. I am definitely the type that love my very own independence.

How about you? Would you hire a car or rely on someone? By the way, here is some information I found about renting a car. The article talks about general agreements and the hidden catches.