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There are a lot of moms out there in Perth, who either needs tips on parenting or full of experiences as mothers. We would like to encourage those readers to share us their thoughts. You can always send us your messages at our email. Please, feel free to inbox us at the most convenient time for you. Our email address is

We would like mothers from different parts of Perth as well as from other countries or states to post their comments, so that others may learn. Through our published articles, many mums can give their personal opinions and ideas. This is a great way for these mothers to communicate with each other. Therefore, it is also a good way to build friendship.

Being a mom is not really an easy job, especially if you are a career woman, so may this website blog helps in solving small issues regarding their motherhood. Moms like reading tips anyway, so pretty sure that they will find the PRRPM Blog informative and engaging.

It could have been better, if every moms out there would participate in sharing what they know. In such a way, they are not only helping other mothers solve their parenting concerns. But, they are also helping our organization to function the way we want it to be.