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The Prujim Roberts Perth Mum Blog or PRRPM Blog is a website blog that only focuses on topics about mothers. We are not using this site as a realty page. Therefore, no transactions are made involving money. If you are caught using our website blog as a way to collect money from our readers, then we may sue you for using us for your personal necessities and for not respecting our privacy policy.

We at the Prujim Roberts Realty are doing our best to earn trust from our valued readers. So, we will not allow anybody to ruin our reputation. What we are doing for those mums are free of charge and it is a part of our organization’s service.

The PRRM Blog is composed of Prujim Roberts Realty members, who are also experienced mothers as well as educators and childhood education graduates. So, we are very sure that our members have enough knowledge. Therefore, we are confident that we are publishing content that are timely and realistic.

The PRRPM Blog owns every published article in the website blog. So, for those who have plans of copying our content, we advise you to submit a letter of request, asking for permission to copy our publication content, stating your valid reason.