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Things to expect when breast feeding the first time

When a woman becomes a mother, she will surely do everything for her baby, especially it is her first time to raise a child. When the baby feels hungry, of course, the mother needs to do the breast feed for the baby to be strong and grow healthy. Breast feeding is a normal routine that a mother needs to do. It is her obligation and responsibility to feed the baby with breast milk.

But, what if you will do this for the first time? Are you ready with this big responsibility? Are you even aware about what to do or how to breastfeed? If this is your first time to breastfeed, then you have a lot of things to learn and understand. Changes may also happen and there is a possibility that you may feel weird. But, if you have someone, who is older than you and had fed a baby with breast milk, then do not feel shy to ask. But, if you prefer asking for a professional, then you may go to the doctor.

On your baby’s first week

There are things that you need to know, especially during the very first week of your baby. You need to know exactly how often you need to nurse your baby. Frequent nursing is actually good for the baby. Try to feed him with breast milk at least 10 to 12 times a day.

You will know that the baby is hungry when he keeps on rooting as well as stirring and you can see his hands in his mouth. If possible, you should not wait until your baby starts crying. Breastfeed your baby and give him time to feed. After one breast, you may move him to the other one.

How will you know if your baby is feeding enough milk?

A baby gains weight when he started breast feeding. The average weight gained would be 170g or 6 oz. per week. Anyway, you need to bring your baby to the doctor at the end of his first week or beginning of his second week. You also need to consult a professional about your lactation, especially if the baby is not gaining weight.

Changing the diaper is necessary because during the first weeks, the baby will stool from time to time, especially after breast feeding. He must at least stool 3 to 4 times in a day. Expect the stool to be loose, curdy or seedy. Another thing, you may also expect your baby to get wet 5 or 6 times a day.

Changes in your Breast

Expect your breast to have an increased quantity during your second to fifth day. You may minimize engorgement by nursing often, not skipping breast feeding, ensuring a good latch and allowing the baby to finish breast feeding before giving him the other breast.

If you feel some discomforts due to engorgement, then you may use a cold compress in between feedings. You may always call your doctor if something different is happening, so even if it is your first time, do not ever panic.


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