Who we are

The Prujim Roberts Realty is an organization, who focuses on establishing and developing tiny and big houses for new families in Perth. As a part of our dedicated service, we established a website blog called, the PRRPM or the Prujim Roberts Realty Perth mum Blog. This website blog is intended for mothers, especially the first timers, who do not have enough experience and training in motherhood.

We believe that parenting is not easy and smooth, especially for working mums as well as single mums. This is the reason why we pushed through this website blog. We know that we can be very helpful to our client in Perth as well as to the readers coming from different walks of life.

At Prujim Roberts Realty, we do not just do business alone. We also have free services like this publication to be a more effective organization. We are also aiming at helping even the future mums, whom we believe can be our potential clients. Dedicated service is also a part of our aim and we have chosen this kind of service for mothers because we believe that moms are the first person to be responsible in nurturing a baby’s growth and development. So, as long as our organization exists, we will continue serving.