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Words that moms should not tell to kids

Kids of today’s generation are different. It’s like they are not that easy control. Some people said that it is because most of the kids today are not feeding milk from their moms. Is that true in Perth? There are also those who are saying that it is because of the generation of young moms today, who are not really trained about disciplining their kids.

Anyway, if you are going to observe kids in school, they are sometimes different, too. Some of them are always silent at home, but active in school. There are also kids, who are not friendly enough because they keep on bullying other kids, but they are like angels when they are with their parents. Those are just a few behaviors that are true for many kids around the world.

As a father and mother of your kids, how do you talk to them? Do you talk to them nicely when they have done something wrong? Are you some kind of harsh to them? Do you embarrass them in front of other kids or people? Do you know how to appreciate them when they are on the good side? As a young mom, who nurtures the kids until they develop into an older kids, there are a lot of things that you must know. Pretty sure that you can find time to talk to your kids. But, do you know that there are words that we are not supposed to tell them? We have here a few words to share.

Good job

Pretty sure that your kids can do good things in their small ways. Of course, we would be very happy with your kids’ achievement. It could have been better, if you will focus talking about how your kid achieved something good, instead of saying “Good job.”

Let’s say that you find your child’s work of art pretty impressive. So, you may ask your child how he chose the colors. And then, you may also ask him how he learned how to draw. Aside from that, you may tell him that you like his masterpiece so much and that you would love to keep it.

Such words will make your child think that you are also looking at how he has done to accomplish something. Those words would only mean that you are not simply giving him a tap on his back. Instead, your words worth even more than just saying that a job was done well.

I Will Never forgive you and I’m ashamed of you

These are words that you should never say to your child because those words would leave a negative impact on their mind. The child will think that he has done something wrong that you will always remember until he grows up.

Do not ever let your child feel that he was not liked, loved or accepted after something bad has happened. It could have been better, if you will tell him that you feel sorry for what was done because it was wrong and that you will still love him.

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