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So I hired a car..

Being a mom (or mum as we say it here) is already busy enough without having to organise my own car for a service! But little did I know a routine car service would turn into a major service. This leads into a story that I have to share with my readers. It has taught me many lessons, the obvious ones of how to actually look after my car better. But another lesson learnt is how handy it is to utilise a car hire service as oppose to catching the taxi (or Uber for that matter) to commute. At a first glance, I really did think that hiring a car will work out to be more expensive than hiring an Uber or catching the taxi.

The obvious question that you may want to ask me straight-up is what the hell was wrong with my car? How could a simple routine oil change could turn into somewhat of a nightmare? To make a long story short, when I took my car the servicing they discovered that my car had a “massive power steering leak”.. those were the words of the mechanic. Being someone who really knew nothing about a car. To be honest, I think it’s lucky that I even obtained my license in the first place. The very first thing that came to my mind is how expensive the repair would be. Who wouldn’t, in their right mind, think about the cost of fixing it. Especially someone like me, a mom, someone who had had a lot of bills to pay. But at the same time, I knew that my car had to be fixed or otherwise I would have to hire a car forever. Hahaha!

Anyways, after forking out an undisclosed amount of money to the service centre.. I can only wait. Wait for my car to be fixed. After being told that it would take about two weeks (as they had to order the parts in), I thought to myself.. how will I get myself around. How would I get to the shops? How will I pick up the kids. Then a friend of mine told me about rental cars. At first I thought it would be expensive, but she told me that most car hire companies offer a significant discount for a long term hire. I asked her if two weeks would be considered “long term”? After searching on the internet and obviously reading their customer reviews, I decided to go with Aries Car Rental (Perth location).  See their website here. I absolutely recommend this car hire company if you looking for one locally. I’ve decided not to mention exactly how much the cost is, but let me tell you that it is worth it if you’re looking for convenience while you don’t have your own car available at your disposal.

The very reason why I went with them is the fact that they seemed flexible when it comes to pick up and drop off. Oh yeah, they also considered two weeks as kind of long-term! Actually, some of my friends would advice me against hiring a car whilst my car is getting fixed. I must admit that it does mean I am spending some extra money on top of getting my car fixed. But it purely the convenience that it brings. The ability to just go somewhere whenever I want. Rather than relying on someone. I am definitely the type that love my very own independence.

How about you? Would you hire a car or rely on someone? By the way, here is some information I found about renting a car. The article talks about general agreements and the hidden catches.

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Energizing women of today’s generation in Perth

As a mother, nurturing and taking care of our children is our biggest responsibility. So, most of the time moms stay at home to look after the kids as well as managing the household chores. But, the life of a mother does not end there. We also need to energize and do different activities, especially when the kids are growing older and can manage things on their own. It would be boring to stay the whole day at home doing everything just to kill time.

Mom’s also needs some changes in their lifestyle as soon as they can see that their kids are grown-up. Lucky are those who are staying in Australia, especially if you are coming from Perth because there is a program for all ladies to be held in Midland. This event is set not only for moms, but for every woman, who is interested in bringing a difference in their lifestyle. This would be very helpful to every women who needs an expert advice, especially those who lacks guidance and a partner in raising their kids. In my opinion, this is an opportunity for ladies to uplift their status in life.

What’s happening in Midland?

On the 16th of May 2018, starting from 9:30 am to 2:30pm, there would be an event exclusively for ladies at the Midland Junction Arts Centre, 276 Great Eastern Hwy, Midland under the Women in Leadership Driving Change or WILD’C programs with the theme, “Re-energising Women to Re-enter the Workforce.”

This group had been running their program to different cities, such as Bunbury, Mandurah and Perth. Their main goal is for ladies, especially who are down to stand up and keep fighting because wasting time has no place for a lady, who has dreams of becoming successful someday. The group would like every lady to learn that in a battle, you should not surrender, especially if you can see and smell a chance of winning. Why would you back-out and stop in the middle of your journey? You need to keep walking and make sure to get to your destination no matter what happen.

Three Sessions of the Program

The first session talks about your personal wellbeing. This includes topics about how you are going to create your vision in life, how you are going to set goals and how will you change yourself so that you can go back to your work.

The second session talks about your personal skills. You will learn how to make a strong resume and you will be given tips about job interviews. They will also discuss things about personal branding as well as the first impressions of the interviewee. So, you will learn how to properly dress up during a job interview.

The last session talks about your personal development. You will learn how manage your financial obligations and budgeting. You will be given tips about career and how you can maintain to have a good reputation, especially everybody knows how social media works. Lastly, those ladies who would like to start a business will be given tips and marketing strategies.

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Nice playground for your kids

Most of the time, mom’s take care of the kids and plays with them at home. But, there are also times, when they need to go out of the house and bring the kids with them to the nearest parks and let the kids play in the playground, where they can have time to talk with other moms. It is very important for the kids to have exposure and play with other kids. In such a way, they can develop their social lifestyle at a very young age.

Dad’s are always away from home because they focus on their career. This is the main reason why mom’s are left with the kids at home. The mother would take care of the food as well as other household chores and look after the kids. When the weather is fine, mom’s find this a good sign to bring the kids to the parks, where there are available playgrounds for kids to enjoy. They also bring some packed meals and snacks for the kids to eat after playing.

If you can see mom’s has a big responsibility because taking care of the kids alone is not easy. It would also be a great responsibility to bring the kids out, especially in the playground because the mom needs to make sure that the kids would be safe and secured. Anyway, if you are from Perth, then you would surely enjoy bringing your kids to the beautiful and nice playgrounds around.

The Pine Lakes Reserve Playground

You can find this playground around Murdoch Drive in Murdoch. This playground had been in a makeover. So, they have added new equipment for the kids. If you are training your kids to walk, then you would surely enjoy the footpaths. They also have safe swings. There is a lake nearby. So, keep an eye on your kids because have not yet fenced the playground.

The Bibra Lake Regional Playground

Another playground option is the Bibra Lake Regional Playground, which you can find on Progressive Avenue along the Bibra Lake. This is an ideal playground for mom’s with children, having visual impairments. They have facilities not only for the normal kids, but also for those with disabilities. They also have enough space for those who are taking care of the kids.

The Kwinana Adventure Park

This is also a park, where you can bring disabled kids because they have a tree house and it is accessible using wheelchair. They have enough toilets, tables for everybody. This playground is not just for kids because even adults may come to relax and have some fun or picnic.

The Hyde Park

If you are just around Perth, then you are surely very much familiar with the Hyde Park. This playground is not just for normal kids because they have equipment around, which are also accessible to wheelchairs as well as those who are just having a walk. And then, if you just want to have a swing, then you would surely want to just hang around here.

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Planning for your baby’s first birthday

When it comes to planning for a baby’s first birthday celebration, moms are the ones, who are always feeling excited for their baby. They keep themselves busy about the upcoming celebration. Most of the decisions are even up to the mom and the dad is just there to support and give opinions as well as ideas. Most dads would be focused on their daily lifestyle and routine. While mom’s daily lifestyle changes because of their busy schedule going the shops.

Anyway, as a mom and as a parent, you have to prepare a lot of things for your baby’s first birthday. Luckily, we have a lot of options to choose from in Perth when it comes to party ideas. You can check different bake shops for cakes, kiddie shops for souvenirs as well as birthday caps and kiddie clothes wear for your baby’s attire. Those are just a few of the preparations that moms are busy with. So, to help you decide with the best for this celebration. We have here a few tips for you to consider.

Who are invited?

The first thing that you need to list down are the visitors. Who are coming to the party? How many people are you expecting to come? This number is very important, so that you will know where to set up the party.

Venue for the party

After estimating the number of visitors, you may now proceed to the venue. So, where do you think will you set up the party? You have to make sure that you are going to choose a location that can accommodate all the visitors. If possible, you should choose a location, where parking space is enough for the visitors to avoid inconvenience.

Food for everybody

It could have been better, if you can get a food catering service for the food. And then, you have to make sure that the food is not just for kids. You should also consider that these kids come with their parents or adults. Even if the party is for your baby, make sure that all visitors will be satisfied. You have to make sure that your estimation about the number of visitors is correct because you are going to tell this to the food catering service. They need to make sure that food will be enough for everybody. It is better to have more food than less.

Games and Activities

There are companies in Perth, who offers birthday party services for kids. You can choose what sort of entertainment you would like to have for the party. You can get a mascot, magicians and host for small games.

Souvenirs and Gifts

You can always choose a souvenir for every family or for the kids. You can go to souvenir shops and choose the item that you would like to have as well as its design. You may also get from the same shops different gifts for the participants of the games. It is not necessary to be very expensive as long as it is for a kid, then it would be very much appreciated.

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Words that moms should not tell to kids

Kids of today’s generation are different. It’s like they are not that easy control. Some people said that it is because most of the kids today are not feeding milk from their moms. Is that true in Perth? There are also those who are saying that it is because of the generation of young moms today, who are not really trained about disciplining their kids.

Anyway, if you are going to observe kids in school, they are sometimes different, too. Some of them are always silent at home, but active in school. There are also kids, who are not friendly enough because they keep on bullying other kids, but they are like angels when they are with their parents. Those are just a few behaviors that are true for many kids around the world.

As a father and mother of your kids, how do you talk to them? Do you talk to them nicely when they have done something wrong? Are you some kind of harsh to them? Do you embarrass them in front of other kids or people? Do you know how to appreciate them when they are on the good side? As a young mom, who nurtures the kids until they develop into an older kids, there are a lot of things that you must know. Pretty sure that you can find time to talk to your kids. But, do you know that there are words that we are not supposed to tell them? We have here a few words to share.

Good job

Pretty sure that your kids can do good things in their small ways. Of course, we would be very happy with your kids’ achievement. It could have been better, if you will focus talking about how your kid achieved something good, instead of saying “Good job.”

Let’s say that you find your child’s work of art pretty impressive. So, you may ask your child how he chose the colors. And then, you may also ask him how he learned how to draw. Aside from that, you may tell him that you like his masterpiece so much and that you would love to keep it.

Such words will make your child think that you are also looking at how he has done to accomplish something. Those words would only mean that you are not simply giving him a tap on his back. Instead, your words worth even more than just saying that a job was done well.

I Will Never forgive you and I’m ashamed of you

These are words that you should never say to your child because those words would leave a negative impact on their mind. The child will think that he has done something wrong that you will always remember until he grows up.

Do not ever let your child feel that he was not liked, loved or accepted after something bad has happened. It could have been better, if you will tell him that you feel sorry for what was done because it was wrong and that you will still love him.

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Things to expect when breast feeding the first time

When a woman becomes a mother, she will surely do everything for her baby, especially it is her first time to raise a child. When the baby feels hungry, of course, the mother needs to do the breast feed for the baby to be strong and grow healthy. Breast feeding is a normal routine that a mother needs to do. It is her obligation and responsibility to feed the baby with breast milk.

But, what if you will do this for the first time? Are you ready with this big responsibility? Are you even aware about what to do or how to breastfeed? If this is your first time to breastfeed, then you have a lot of things to learn and understand. Changes may also happen and there is a possibility that you may feel weird. But, if you have someone, who is older than you and had fed a baby with breast milk, then do not feel shy to ask. But, if you prefer asking for a professional, then you may go to the doctor.

On your baby’s first week

There are things that you need to know, especially during the very first week of your baby. You need to know exactly how often you need to nurse your baby. Frequent nursing is actually good for the baby. Try to feed him with breast milk at least 10 to 12 times a day.

You will know that the baby is hungry when he keeps on rooting as well as stirring and you can see his hands in his mouth. If possible, you should not wait until your baby starts crying. Breastfeed your baby and give him time to feed. After one breast, you may move him to the other one.

How will you know if your baby is feeding enough milk?

A baby gains weight when he started breast feeding. The average weight gained would be 170g or 6 oz. per week. Anyway, you need to bring your baby to the doctor at the end of his first week or beginning of his second week. You also need to consult a professional about your lactation, especially if the baby is not gaining weight.

Changing the diaper is necessary because during the first weeks, the baby will stool from time to time, especially after breast feeding. He must at least stool 3 to 4 times in a day. Expect the stool to be loose, curdy or seedy. Another thing, you may also expect your baby to get wet 5 or 6 times a day.

Changes in your Breast

Expect your breast to have an increased quantity during your second to fifth day. You may minimize engorgement by nursing often, not skipping breast feeding, ensuring a good latch and allowing the baby to finish breast feeding before giving him the other breast.

If you feel some discomforts due to engorgement, then you may use a cold compress in between feedings. You may always call your doctor if something different is happening, so even if it is your first time, do not ever panic.


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Tips for first time moms

To be a mother of your child is not really an easy job because it comes with a big responsibility. When you’re a mom, you should know what is best for your child. But, what if it is your first time? There are some moms out there, who do not even know what to do with their babies, especially if they are taking care of the baby alone. Let’s say that nobody is there to guide her.

We all became kids, but during that time, we do not really notice how our moms took care of us because all we know is playing, watching, sleeping and eating. We were very innocent that time that our focus and attention is not really on what our moms are doing for us.

Anyway, if it is your first time to be a mother, then you have to learn from your parents, guardians, adults or from experience. So, what do we really need to learn from them? We have here a few for you to consider.

What advice works for you?

If we are surrounded by adults, especially our parents or in-laws, pretty sure that they all have different advices. It is because they raised their own child in different ways. But, actually, they were all correct. It’s just that you need to choose the advice that you will follow. Make sure that you will pick the one that works for you and your baby.

There are those moms and adults, who are very much sensitive about germs. So, they do not really want the baby to touch anything. And then, they always make sure that you need to use hand sanitizers or antibacterial gel or alcohol before touching the baby. Pretty sure that adults will understand how you care for the baby. But, your baby will not really get sick with that. What you need to do is to keep your baby away from sick or ill people, so that they will not acquire sickness.

As a new mom, don’t expect that you can manage everything at home. Sometimes, you may not even clean up every mess because you are also taking care of the baby and you just want to keep an eye on him. But, that is not actually what you need to do. When the baby is sleeping, make sure that he is on a safe place or make sure that he will not fall. Use that time to clean the house. Why don’t you buy a device to install in the room and when you heard the baby crying, you can attend to him right away. If you do not want to leave him on the bed, then you have to buy baby stuffs, so that you can hang him on your body while sleeping.

You have to take note about the checkup of the baby. Pretty sure that you need to bring him to the doctor on a regular basis. Make sure that you have it on your calendar, so that you won’t miss the date, when he needs to see his doctor.